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On passion, vocation and mentoring

By | Coaching, Education, Life lessons

Here’s an interview I had with Bogdan Dumitrescu from Comedy.Show with ideas about passion, vocation, mentoring and coaching [ut_highlight color=”#ff6e00″]1. What do you understand by vocation? What does it mean?[/ut_highlight] Vocation is for me transforming a passion in a profession that provides you with a decent living while giving you…

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Why the Pro Action Café method works for me

By | Education

Some time ago I went to Training Café where we worked with the „Pro Action Café” method on a topic that I’m obsessed with lately: „How to improve the formal educational system in Romania?”. I started by thinking of the main actors in the current educational system: [ut_highlight color=”#ff6e00″]- professors[/ut_highlight]…

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