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noiembrie 2015

On passion, vocation and mentoring

By | Coaching, Education, Life lessons

Here’s an interview I had with Bogdan Dumitrescu from Comedy.Show with ideas about passion, vocation, mentoring and coaching [ut_highlight color=”#ff6e00″]1. What do you understand by vocation? What does it mean?[/ut_highlight] Vocation is for me transforming a passion in a profession that provides you with a decent living while giving you…

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To be a taxi driver

By | Thought of the Day

One of my crazy dreams was to be a taxi driver. Not for the money, but to interact with a greater variety of humans, more so than the ones I meet at the usual events I’m attending. To see what it’s like to be a taxi driver. And until Uber…

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About the inner attitude of a good coach

By | Coaching

(some of my opinions after the second Iscoditor meeting) 1. [ut_highlight color=”#ff6e00″]The coach’s attitude is one of trust, patience and neutrality.[/ut_highlight] You trust your client for finding his own best solutions, through repeated tries. You have patience for him to find those solutions and make decisions, even if you think…

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